COVID – 19 Emergency appeal for funds

The coronavirus has arrived in Kenya, which is woefully ill-equipped to deal with an emergency of this nature. The pandemic has already killed 7 people and is spreading like wildfire.

We work with the most vulnerable members of Kenya’s community, where many families are living on less than 1 dollar a day. If adults cannot go out and work, there is no food on the table.

Many of the children that are coming to our school in Ahero came to us malnourished with the school now not closed these children are suffering once more.

Anecdotally the most affected in Kenya are the young and most productive members of society. This is in marked contrast as to what has happened in the rest of the world.

In rural communities, the message is not getting through about social distancing or hand washing. This is where our partner CIVS is coming into play. They are going into the community and educating them about the danger of the virus and the importance of handwashing and social distancing. We want to be able to support CIVS in this vital work.

CIVS has started an ‘Adopt a Family’ Programme that aims to save lives and help people with underlying health conditions like HIV/AIDS.

We are asking you to help us support them by providing:

  • Handwashing facilities including Soap
  • Face masks
  • Food so that people are able to stay inside and self-isolate without the worry of knowing where the next meal is coming from
  • Help train vulnerable families on how to reduce the risk of getting the virus

We are asking you for a modest amount. £50 a month enables a family to stay safe and fed for a month. We think this level of support will be needed for a minimum of 3 months.

Please give what you can to help our vulnerable families stay safe until the danger of this pandemic is over.

Thank you.

Ian Govendir – Founder Aids Orphan.