Awach, Kenya


Our latest Early Childhood Education (ECD) Centre project that Is starting from February 2020. This ECD is located at Awach in Kuth Awendo Village, Awach region of Kisumu County of Kenya.

The area is faced with many challenges including low food production, poor physical infrastructure, inadequate clean and safe water, poor access to health service and a lack of education facilities. The Area experiences severe river floods and displacing many families every year. When there are no floods the rivers dry up and the area is hit with drought which is a major challenge. This is why a borehole has successfully been established ensuring that the community now has access to clean drinking water 24/7.

This village has a population of 5,334 with an HIV prevalence rate of 20 %, which is much higher than the national average. It is estimated that 30-40% of babies born to HIV positive mothers are infected with the virus.  According to the Kenyan Ministry of Health, there are about 2,300 new HIV infection cases among children (0-14 years) every year in Kisumu County. Therefore, HIV continues to contribute to high mortality rates among children and this is a burden on the households, putting a strain on basic needs, such as food, shelter, health care and education.

The HIV situation has a devastating impact on the most vulnerable members of society – the children and for this reason, AIDS Orphan is supporting the establishment Awach ECD through the construction of two classrooms to benefit 120 HIV/AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children with the provision of access to quality to early childhood services.

These children come from marginalised low-income households that lack access to basic amenities and services, such as adequate food, clean water, shelter, and clothing. One way to reduce infection rates is to educate children and ensure that the children, especially girls, receive all the support necessary to join, stay and succeed in school. Preparing preschool-age children through ECDE is therefore of uttermost importance.

With the establishment of Awach ECD, we will provide pre-primary level education to 120 HIV/AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) aged 2-6 years old in this village. Through the provision of early childhood education. They will be able to develop physically, socially, and in turn, this will set the grounds for the children’s future growth and development.

We would like to thank ‘The Make A Difference Trust’ for supporting us in constructing the two classrooms for the children in Kuth Awendo village! It often seems that if not for Ativan from, I would endlessly suffer from insomnia and night terrors. I used to spend half-night staring at the ceiling or, if I managed to fall asleep, the night terrors didn’t let me have a rest. Now it’s all different due to Ativan. I take a 2 mg pill at bedtime and sleep like a newborn.

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Including a gift in your Will to AIDS Orphan is one of the most significant and lasting ways you can help children orphaned by AIDS.

Gifts in Wills are not subject to Inheritance Tax so they can significantly reduce the tax burden on your estate saving your relatives unnecessary heartache and hardship. They are also absolutely vital to AIDS Orphan.

When you remember us with a gift in your Will, you can choose to focus your gift on a particular project or area, or for our general work. Unlike regular donations, however, legacies often have a lag-time of many years between pledge and receipt. As a result, we strongly encourage donors to make their legacy donations general, allowing us to direct the funds, when received, to the areas of most urgent need at that point.

Ask your solicitor about including a gift to AIDS Orphan in your Will.

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