Grandmother cares…

Grandmother cares for 7 grandchildren due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Mary who had succumbed to the ravages of HIV/AIDS, is a grandmother of 7 children who she is raising as her own. She has a small holding and a house in the village of Ahero.

One of her grandchildren shown below is registered at the newly established ECD. I met Mary on my initial visit to the project 2 years ago and was impressed with how she was coping and providing for all of the children.

While she tries her best, it is a real challenge for her to feed the hungry mouths and she is really only a substance farmer. The CBO (Community based organisation) has helped her establish her crops and has installed a water harvesting system which helps her water her crops when the rainy season stops.

Kisumu county is a region where there is either severe drought or flooding. At this particular moment in time the region is beleaguered by flooding and because of this many, crops are ruined.

When the ECD started earlier this year, Jimmy, her 4-year-old grandson who is also HIV + came to the school and was suffering from a distended stomach which is a sign of severe malnutrition.

He was not very attentive at first but with a bit of love and attention he was given 2 meals a day and has been encouraged to interact with other children and is now learning to play with toys and be more vocal.

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As a result of the feeding programme at the ECD, Jimmy is no longer malnourished and his life transformed through the rare opportunity of learning at this early age.

Ian Govendir CEO and Founder 2018

Leave a Legacy

Including a gift in your Will to AIDS Orphan is one of the most significant and lasting ways you can help children orphaned by AIDS.

Gifts in Wills are not subject to Inheritance Tax so they can significantly reduce the tax burden on your estate saving your relatives unnecessary heartache and hardship. They are also absolutely vital to AIDS Orphan.

When you remember us with a gift in your Will, you can choose to focus your gift on a particular project or area, or for our general work. Unlike regular donations, however, legacies often have a lag-time of many years between pledge and receipt. As a result, we strongly encourage donors to make their legacy donations general, allowing us to direct the funds, when received, to the areas of most urgent need at that point.

Ask your solicitor about including a gift to AIDS Orphan in your Will.

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