Every 15 seconds an African child loses a parent to AIDS

Who we are

Empowering children with HIV.

AIDS Orphan is a charity founded to protect and educate the forgotten AIDS orphans in Kenya and India.

At AIDS Orphan we believe every child orphaned by AIDS deserves our love and protection as well as a decent chance in life. We work across Africa and India to support children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. We enable access to life-saving medication, education, and psychological counselling.



Behind the terrible statistics are real children enduring real suffering and hardship.  It is the biggest unrecognised humanitarian disaster on the planet.  Break the silence. Find out the facts.

There are loads of ways to get involved with AiDS Orphan and help children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Find out more…

For as little as 50p a day, you could become a guardian angel and change the life of a child with HIV. Give today.

Our Children

From already impoverished backgrounds with few life chances, children orphaned by AIDS are especially vulnerable and in need of our help. Find out more about the children in our care.

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