Meet Ida

Ida is the 6th member of a family of 7 that has suffered terribly because of AIDS. Her mother lost two babies due to the virus and Ida herself had to be rescued when it became clear that her mother, who is HIV+, was unable to care for her.

When Ida was brought to Little Rock Centre she was in a very poor state. Life in the countryside was very difficult for her and her mother as they both had to work as casual labourers earning less than 50p a day. Ida was unable to eat a regular diet and sometimes went without food. Ida’s mother was unable to provide the vital medication her daughter needed.

In January of this year, Ida came to Little Rock and the Neema Outreach programme and now gets access to life-saving medication, a balanced diet and somewhere safe to stay in the Neema rescue house. Her health and wellbeing have improved immeasurably. While she misses her mother, the housemother in the rescue house has become a surrogate mother to Ida and she is thriving.

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