Meet Jane

When Jane and her sisters were orphaned by HIV, their aunt took them into her home. While living with her aunt Jane attended primary school, however, they struggled to get food and other basic needs. At times, her aunt would throw them out of the house to the streets. Her aunt later relocated without Jane and her sisters, and they had nowhere to go. Little Rock staff took them in and when Neema house was launched, they moved in and have been living there since then. 

Now, Jane’s academic performance is excellent and soon she will be attending the local high school. She has won national Gold and Silver medals in Mathematics and English.  Jane is always at the top of her class and we are very proud of her performance. Only if I really can’t do it on my own will I take this medication. It works really well. But I’m very careful about Valium, because I know that you can become dependent on it. Get rid of anxiety disorders without becoming dependent. Do not get everything prescribed – question it, read the package insert and always look for alternatives to hard drugs here

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