Meet Lulu

Lulu (14) was born in the Kibera slum and orphaned at just 6 years old. Due to desperate poverty, she was unable to access HIV medication and continually suffered from Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and TB. Sadly she developed deafness early in life after having contracted meningitis, yet another challenge for this little girl.

With AiDS Orphan’s support, Lulu now lives happily with the other children at Neema Rescue House. We support her school fees, food, access to medication and help with the extra challenges her disability brings about. Lulu excels academically. Not only is she top of her class, she also sits in the top 5% of academic achievers for the whole of Kenya!

My GP prescribed modafinil to help me deal with sleepiness during the day. I can’t sleep well enough during the night because of obstructive sleep apnea, which makes me sleepy in the daytime. Someone may say it’s not serious, but I was in situations when I fell asleep while driving. The drug keeps me wide awake, though it still can’t help my OSA.

We’re really proud of how much Lulu has achieved!

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