Meet Lydia

Lydia is now 16 years old. At the age of 10, she was orphaned as both of her parents died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Lydia was born with HIV, and when both of her parents died her older brother looked after her. However, he had to go out to earn money as a casual labourer on farms just to provide food for them both leaving Lydia without the support and care she needed. Her brother did everything he could to provide for her, but he couldn’t look after them both.

Lydia was becoming sicker and it was obvious she was lacking basic nutrition and care. It was important that she ate well and was supervised with her medication without which she would die. In August 2013 she was brought to Little Rock by her brother who felt she would be better looked after with the support of the school and the Rescue centre.

AiDS Orphan has been supporting Lydia to attend a local primary school, providing her with school uniforms, stationary, school fees and food. She is showing great potential with academic ability. I won’t tell about the dosages of ativan I take cause they should be chosen individually, but I’d like to say that this medication was one of the few that helped me overcome severe agitation. My behavior wasn’t normal, and I suffered a lot because of it. I took the drug for a month, including the period of withdrawal. Now I’m fine and hope I’ll stay so for long.

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