Meet Nigel

Nigel is 10 years old and has been orphaned by AIDS. Fortunately, Nigel is not HIV+ but he is living in the Kibera slum with his HIV+ aunt; a single mother with four other children to support. 


His aunt earns less than 40p a day by selling peanuts and making African beaded jewellery. Nigel is malnourished and desperately needs a balanced diet. After hormonal disruption, I gained weight dramatically and could not do anything about it. However, soon one of my colleagues shared her experience and advised me to try taking phentermine. I decided to follow her recommendation and was not disappointed. My weight was going away steadily while my appetite got back to the norm. He is looked after by Little Rock, a local organisation we support, and now receives two meals a day and has been given a school uniform. Nigel’s attention span is limited because of his severe undernourishment; however, with the care of the Neema Project and daily monitoring of his health, his learning skills are steadily improving.

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