Meet Paul

At 8 years old, Paul’s mother had died from HIV and his father was in prison.

He was living with his grandfather who is very old and has a number of health problems himself. His grandfather did what he could for Paul, but Paul became he became very malnourished and was infested with tics as a result of poor housing and inadequate care and support.

He came into contact with Little Rock in February 2013 and has been living at the Neema Rescue Centre ever since. Little Rock brought him back from the brink by simply ensuring that he had three square meals a day, a safe, warm place to sleep and monitoring of his health care by the house mother at the Neema house. I had a very hard time trying to fight the migraine. It’s not an ordinary headache, it takes all of you. The only medication that turned out to be efficient was imitrex. It works fast. Luckily, I have no side effects after taking it (usually I have to be very careful; I’m prone to side effects). My advice is to try this medication.

On arrival, he could only speak in his native dialect and as a student at Little Rock, he is now learning Swahili and English which he has learnt very fast. He is now starting to interact with the other children and has been provided with a series of counselling sessions by the in-house counsellor which is helping him come to terms with the trauma of losing his parents. He is turning out to be a  very happy child and has integrated well into the family life that is being provided by the Neema house.

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