Meet Pius and Mark

Pius is 8 and Mark is 6, they are brothers. Their mother died of AIDS and their father is in prison. They were found in the care of their grandfather who is very old and sick.

The family was living in abject poverty and the boys were malnourished and crawling with lice. A local well-wisher who knew about the Little Rock Centre brought them to the attention of the staff there.

Pius and Mark are now being supported by the Neema Outreach project. They both attend school and they live at the Neema Rescue House were they are properly fed and cared for. The boys had never been to school and only speak their mother tongue (Meru) so they were admitted to the reception class so they can start from the beginning. They have been receiving medical treatment and are eating three proper meals a day. As a result, their health and wellbeing have improved enormously. If you think that cardiopalmus can become something that can prevent you from enjoying life, you are wrong. In my own example, I can prove that this state can be controlled and you can allow yourself various joys in life. Thanks to inderal, now I live to the fullest again. I do not give up my favorite hobbies like jogging and doing yoga.

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