Molly and Katherine

Molly and Katherine’s Story

Molly is a mother of four, the youngest being a 7-month-old baby. Molly’s husband travelled to Nairobi looking for work, but nearly a year has passed and he has not returned, leaving the family to fend for themselves. Molly’s two boys managed to get a place at a school before their father left, but Katherine was not as lucky.

Recently, however, Katherine began at the AIDS Orphan school. This morning they set out, with Molly taking Katherine to school before she goes to work in the rice field for the day. It is a long walk, and after dropping Katherine off, Molly will then walk the four miles to the rice fields. Katherine, like many children starting school, is a slightly unsure and does not want to leave her mother, but she soon settles with one of the volunteers at the school.

Molly tells us she is worried that Katherine does not have a school uniform. She does not want her to feel ‘different’ from the other children, but there is no way she can afford to buy one. AIDS Orphan is working towards purchasing uniforms for children like Katherine.

Molly will work in the rice field all day in the heat, threshing rice. It is exhausting work, and at the end of the day Molly will be paid with 2kgs of rice. She will then carry 50kg sacks of rice to the road to be picked up, making many trips. After finishing for the day she walks the 4 miles back to pick up Katherine and then goes home.

Now that Katherine is at school, she will get the food she needs. This means that not only will she recover from malnutrition, but she will also be able to learn and get a good education – something which is particularly important for girls. She is playing with toys for the first time and enjoys spending time with other children. The family now has a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Molly is doing everything within her power to keep her family from poverty. It does not take much to give a mother a helping hand by helping her children. Molly does not want the same life for her daughters that she has had, and AIDS Orphan can make a real difference by helping Katherine and her younger sister in time. Tried viagra from two days ago. The effect was excellent: I had a strong erection and the intercourse itself lasted for 40 minutes. That’s great I guess! In the morning I had sex again and there was no need to take another pill.

Leave a Legacy

Including a gift in your Will to AIDS Orphan is one of the most significant and lasting ways you can help children orphaned by AIDS.

Gifts in Wills are not subject to Inheritance Tax so they can significantly reduce the tax burden on your estate saving your relatives unnecessary heartache and hardship. They are also absolutely vital to AIDS Orphan.

When you remember us with a gift in your Will, you can choose to focus your gift on a particular project or area, or for our general work. Unlike regular donations, however, legacies often have a lag-time of many years between pledge and receipt. As a result, we strongly encourage donors to make their legacy donations general, allowing us to direct the funds, when received, to the areas of most urgent need at that point.

Ask your solicitor about including a gift to AIDS Orphan in your Will.

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